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Iz Vorozhey (Russia)


My name is Anna Nikolaevna Gorshunova. I am the Head of the Poodle breed in Primorsk Territorial Organization of Animal Fanciers in Vladivostok city, and I am the owner of the kennel "Iz Vorozhey".  For a long time I was interested only in the standard and miniature poodles of classic colors, which I was breeding. As for the modern colors, especially in smaller sizes, they didn't attract me at all. My love to Red, most special color, happened due to a sequence of incidents.

I will start from the beginning of 90s when a red miniature male Nigel Dang Lar (Night) was brought to Vladovostok owned by Markina Elena Ivanovna. Night was the son of Dang Lar Mengeblick and Devi-Rick and was a grandson of famous in Russia Mandarin von Engelblick. Night was born on 23.10.92, was successfully shown a lot, got the title of Russian Champion, was considered to be one of the best poodles in the Far East and proved himself to be a good producer. In addition to all this I was attracted by his large size, wonderful temperament and fantastic color.  I started to think internally and then evidently to use Knight with standard bitches.  I managed to get approval of RKF for this breeding. But ... irremediable happened... Knight passed away. Later I used another grandchild of Mandarin instead of Knight, and got excellent result, but it is aleady another story.
I continued to work with classic colors, but a few good quality miniature Night's daughters and grandaughters remained in the club under my supervision. Thus I got to supervise his grandaughters sisters Lesnaya Skazka (red/apricot) and Lukretsia (apricot), both miniatures, and dwarf daughters Brigma Ersi (red/apricot) and Betty (apricot) . This is how my breeding started. 

The next incident was Linka's appearance in my house.  Besides the breeding of poodles I am responsible for grooming as well.  So one day I got to groom a neglected dog that was brought by a wistful lady. When she found out who I am, she told me that her dog smells, bold, thin and very stupid, and that besides the poodle origin she doesn't have any good qualities... and disappeared leaving the dog saying that she leaves the dog since she doesn't need this "treasury". Linka's breeder didn't need her as well, the responsible for this breeding was not eager to take Linka ...  So Linka stayed with me...  Unfortunately it was far from the first dog, left in this or nearly this way . It was extremely difficult at the beginning... 

Kerry Larcy (Linka) portrait

Rus Ch Zolotoy Rog Kirill

Jan Klodt Van Dam Iz Vorozhey

Koreyskaya Vishnya Iz Vorozhey

Lolka is preparing for the show ring

Silvester Stallone iz Vorozhey with his little brother

Anna Gorshunova and Rus Ch Xesus Likom Cherny Iz Vorozhey

Udif Vladi Grey Irzan, Geneveva Paz Gortian Ost, Naigel Dang Lar

5xCAC Kerry Larcy

But now Linka is the most beautiful miniature bitch of modern color in Primorje.  And she is friendly, very kind, gentle, and I can say many more wonderful things about Linka.  Gratefully Linka presented me with two wonderful litters of children! And we are hoping with her to finish Russian Championship this year (we have already five CAC). We don't show Linka often, but we never left the ring without a title!!!!


Linka's full name --- Kerry Larcy, date of birth 23.02.01(Volshebnaya Taina Ali Baba +Getta Yarushka).


Linka's kids: Zolotoy Sentiabr Iz Vorozhey, Zabavniy Takoy Paren Iz Vorozhey, Yablochniy Spas Iz Vorozhey.    


Later I had a few girls of apricot miniatures from Russian Champion Dju Tik Tak. 


Now I needed an appropriate male. And again - a chance. A large apricot miniature Slavian Svet Lazurniy was brought from Moscow. I persuaded my friend to buy him for the kennel. And that was done.  Ryzhik(his home name) "was not a star", but always got excellent at the shows, and also has an interesting origin. (Backsit Drivers Eboa Apricot + Baryshnia Slavianka).  Thanks to Ryzhik I got several more interesting girls in my kennel. These are littermates Katarzhina and Claudia Cardinale Iz Vorozhey (dam Lesnaya Skazka) and littermates Taezhnaya Roza Tavrichanka and Tutti-Frutti iz Vorozhey(dam Elizaveta), Frezia FridaIz Vorozhey (dam Brigma Ersi).  


Since Ryzhik quite lightened the color, I needed the stud dogs with excellent pigment and color. This is how I got Zolotoy Rog Kirill (Ocharovanie Vesely Maestro + Marelin), Kirill is Russian Champion. And Zlatozvet Podarok Korolya (Georg Pobeditel Iz Doma Lopatskih + Zlatozvet Znoynaya Baryshnya), 2 Best Junior, 2 CAC.


And the most wonderful stud dog in my kennel is Natsionalnaya Gordost S Izuminkoy Juliany ( Slavian Javoronok + Vantre Dalida), breeder Julia Prihodko. Lavrik (his home name) significantly improved my dogs, for what I am extremely grateful to the breeder. I would like to note that I got Lavrik both multi titled and experienced excellent producer. 


I would add that Lavrik turned to be a red/apricot. For me it was was not a very pleasant surprize, knowing how this dark saturated color is discriminated ( this is exactly the reason why Linka is not shown much). But after thorough analysis of the colors of the bitches in my kennel, I got to the conclusion that for the moment Lavrik is the best stud dog and hopefully will improve my future breeding stock. I think I was not mistaken. 


These are my first steps in getting the show class poodles in this color. And I would mention that the dogs with dark deep shade of the color have a better conformation as well. My show children only start their show carreer and it is so frustrating when they loose due to such a magnificent color.  I never discriminated my poodles because of the color shades.  I put priority to conformation and intellectual qualities of my dogs. And I breed following this principle. I think that the red shade of poodle hair does not surrender in quality to standard apricot one. It is absolutely competitive. I definitely think that red color should find a respectable place in the palette of modern colors in the poodle standard.


Anna Gorshunova


Kennel "Iz Vorozhey"


Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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