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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 ! 

From Uschi Graf and "Champagne D'Or" (Germany)

From Terry Farley & John Dejo and Farley's D Standards (USA)

From Dan Andersson and "Barfly" (Sweden)

From Jacqui & Andrew McLeay and "Kirada Lodge" (Australia)

From Annette Sandberg and "Crusea's" (Sweden)

From Hugh & Barbara Reine and "ReineHaus Red Poodles" (USA)

From Valéria Rózsa & Anna Várady and Sunbeam of Richfield Kennel (Hungary)

From Monica&Bengt Olsson and "Amonibes" (Sweden)

From Karin Lilljha (Sweden)

From Irina Fedotova and "Severnaya Roza" (Russia)

From Bjorg Meland and Lilleba (Norway)

From Dana Kovarikova and "Envisan" (Czech Republic)

From Christina Nilsson and "Saxbyn's" (Sweden)

From Ewa Jagiello and "VERICOLOR" (Poland)

From Nina Maslennikova and "Shapka Monomakha" (Russia)

From Julia and "Oranzevoe nastroenie" (Russia)

From Marina Didenko and "Gudvin" (Russia)

From Olga Manevich and "Amurskaya Akvarel" (Russia)

From Leehy Packer and "Avivim" (Israel)

From Marina Dragina and "Zolotaya Pectoral" (Ukraine)

From Susanne Baldinger and "Piccadilly" (Switzerland)

From Henrik Hannelius and "Hannelhill" (Finland)

From Angelika & Dr. Axel Rudolph and "Von Der Salana" (Germany)

From Michel Boissard & Nicolas Serac and Des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre 's Kennel (Switzerland)

From Tatiana Turina and "Tverskaya Gamma" (Russia)

From Wolfgang & Evelyn Pluenske and "Von der Herbordsburg" (Germany)

From Mona Hermansson & Lotta Toth and Bia-Litt's (Sweden)

From Vappu Eskelinen and Accedo's Kennel (Sweden)

From Anita & Gerard Roskam and "Full House Blues" (Holland)

From Nador Margit and "Pasar'ti Arany" (Hungary)

From Mona PeO Plĺnborg Grenholm and "Dreams In Red" (Sweden)

From Bob & Wendy Ratcliffe and "Acecliffe" (England)

From Gerd & Sten-Olof Högström and "Thomsten's" (Norway)

From Barbara Burdick and Barclay Lyca Poodles (USA)

From Lena Jonsson and "Notify" (Sweden)

From Anna Glowa-Lobodzinska and "Czarna Fuga" (Poland)

From Alexandri Elena and "Cookiespirit" (Greece)

From Miguel Lluch and "Boppin Box Poodles" (Spain)

From Julia Prihodko and "S Izuminkoy Juliany" (Russia)

From Elena Gamerman and "Elen Elf" (Russia)

From Caroline Bergelt and "Dream of Silk" (Sweden)

From Tania Libkind and "Sunshine" (Israel)

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