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 Coat Color Genetics in Poodles

Kennel "S Izuminkoy Juliany"

The information contained on this page is in no way intended to represent the full list of works on Color Genetics. It's purpose is to provide references to several fundamental books as well as links to resources available on-line. 

  • Clarence C. Little, The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs, Howell Book House, 1957.
  • A. G. Searle, Comparative Genetics of Coat Colour in Mammals, Logos Press, 1968.
    • Malcolm B. Willis "Genetics of the Dog" Howell Book House, 1989.

  • VetGen's new ChromaGene™ DNA test for Coat Color in Poodles 
  • Tribute to Dr. John B. Armstrong
  • A Genetic Primer for Breeders by John B. Armstrong
  • Color Genes in the Poodle by John Armstrong
  • Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs
  • Some Coat Colors of Poodles Studied using DNA Testing
  • Finding the Genes and Mutations Causing Various Coat Colors
  • Links to other Coat related web-sites
  • Animal Genetics by Prof. Sue Ann Bowling
  • Canine Color Genetics by Prof. Sue Ann Bowling
  • Dog Color Genetics Primer and FREE Canine Genetics Software
  • Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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