Petition for Recognition of Red color in the FCI Poodle Standard

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Lumiere Standard Poodles (Canada)

Natalie Lasanen with Can Ch. Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge TP and with red/apricot litter

My name is Natalie Lasanen, and I am a breeder and exhibitor of red and apricot standard poodles located in Vancouver, Canada.  I quite accidentally stumbled across my first red standard, and took her on visits to dog shows where I was told by poodle "experts" that she was one of the nicest red standards ever seen, and if I tried very hard, I could possibly put a championship on her, which had never been done in Canada before with a red standard female.  This put a "bee" in my bonnet, so to speak, and I began one of the most difficult endeavors of my life, obtaining this championship under the majority of judges who could not see past her colour.  But there were a handful that actually looked past the colour, put their hands on her, and were quite amazed that she did not fit the profile of the normal red standards.  We did, in fact, reach our goal, and have started a breeding program which is looking very promising.  My first red girl has now become the first top producer of this colour in the country.


Lumiere Farleys D Just a Dream

Lumiere Farleys D Vogue

Lumiere Carrington La Bella (4 months old)

Lumiere's Best Kept Secret (3months old)

Can Ch. Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge TP (Top Producer)

Can Ch. Lumiere's Ray Of Light

Can Ch. Lumiere's Gold Dust Woman

Can Ch. Lumiere Carrington At Last

Looking for a male to sire a litter was a very difficult endeavor as well, as the gene pool is so limited as the colour goes unrecognized and unaccepted.  But I was extremely lucky to stumble across a very small group of red breeders that were extremely dedicated to the colour regardless of the biasness.  At the same time I began to see a larger number of breeders that were breeding this colour for profit alone, not for improvement.  This appeared to be brought on by the large profits that could be made as the colour was rare and the average show breeder was not interested in showing such a "difficult" colour.  As the years have past, with a lot of hard work, the reds are continuously improving, but the gene pool is still rather small because the colour is not accepted in all kennel clubs throughout the world.


In this letter I am hoping to make an appeal to help this colour continue its tremendous strides, and the FCI would help us so tremendously by accepting this beautiful, rare colour, which will help open up the gene pools throughout the world.  I invite you to peruse through my website, the link is attached below, to help give an idea that this colour "deserves" to be recognized.




Natalie Lasanen




Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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