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Lido Standard Poodles (USA)

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My name is Susie Osburn and I have been breeding Apricot and more recently, Red standards under the LIDO name for 25 years.  I compete in breed, obedience, rally, and agility.  I have produced more than a dozen American champions, and many champions in Canada, Mexico and Bermuda.  I have close to 20 FCI International champions including the 1999 World Champion, CH Lidos Tiger Lily, which I won in Mexico City.

I compete equally in obedience with my apricots with dozens of CD's, many CDX's, several UD's, and one UDX.  I have gone onto become an AKC obedience judge and I more recently have taken on Rally as an exhibitor and as a judge.  I enjoy competing and judging equally.

Although I have more experience with the apricots, I have recently gotten involved with the reds.  Attached is a picture of the first red that I bred and the first one I started showing.  Because I show quite a bit internationally, I had a choice to make at the time I registered her; register her as a red which she obviously is or register her as an apricot so I could show her outside of the US.  I choose to register her as an apricot so I could compete with her and I have had no trouble with her color in the ring. 


So my question is why is it OK for me to compete with a red, as long as she is registered as an apricot?  I think the right thing to do is to allow the red poodles to be registered so they can compete under the color they really are so as breeders; we don't have to lie about it anymore.

Thank you for your time.

Susie Osburn
Lido Standards

4048 Pepe Circle

Las Vegas, NV 89121
702 262-0163


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Lidos Lady in Red at PCA 2003

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Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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