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Champagne D'Or (Germany)

Uschi Graf and Golden Akim von Briwehbu, Luxemburger Jugendchampion und Deutscher Champion VDH

Since 1968 poodles are an important part of my life.

I got my first poodle in 1968 as a Christmas present from my husband. It was a black dwarf poodle called “Endo von der Eller”. He stayed with us 15 years.

In 1983 I got my first apricot dwarf poodle bitch “Giny vom goldenen Sonnenschein”. She was very successful in shows (WorldWinner 85, European Winner, German Winner, Austrian Winner, International, German, Luxemburg Ch. etc.). Giny was the foundation of my toy, dwarf and miniature lines. I kept one female puppy from three litters. Two of them were dwarfs, “Babette” and “Chanel”. “Babette” gave me toy poodles, “Chanel” had a successful show career. The third bitch “Donna” became a very beautiful miniature and was successful in shows and in the breeding. Six of her puppies became champions.

For “Donna” I bought in Belgium “Tyrone of White Cliff”, a very elegant dark (red) miniature male. From these breedings I kept two dogs: “Evita” (dwarf) and “Imo” (miniature). Both are very elegant and stylish dogs but sadly too dark for the show ring. 


“Evita” gave me “Macho” (Int.D.Lux.Ung.Öster.Ch.) and Carlotta.


In 1991 I got two wonderful dwarfs from Solnes kennel (Norway). “Solnes An golden Orange” called Phillip and “Solnes Sparkling Scarlett” called Scarlett. Both very dark apricots (red). Phillip changed his color to normal apricot as an adult, Scarlett stayed dark even in her age.


With these both Solnes dogs I got very elegant and stylish dogs with great attitude and movement. But also a very deep color which wasn’t gladly seen in shows.

Solnes an golden Orange, multi Champion

Champagne D'Or Filou and Fine

Champagne D'Or 3 generations of standards

Champagne D'Or Anny, Int, Lux, Belg,Schw, D, VDH-Champion, Europa,Bundes-,REC, ABd,DKP, VDP Winner

Nesnah's Sweet Surprise, multi Champion

Golden Akim von Briwehbu 1 year old

In 2001 I bought a bitch from Finland “Joiner’s Quality Narra Noora” bred by Aija Lehtilä. “Nora” is a very light apricot out of the World Winner “Farday Heatwave”, a small and graceful  bitch with lots of attitude and a great movement. It’s a twist of fate that many judges think she is too light for the correct apricot. From her first litter with “Akim” I kept “Bonsai” an apricot, from her last litter I kept “Hazel”, an apricot and “Hakima” a red one. All three bitches have the typical attitude, great movement and good bodies.

Champagne D'Or Hakima

Champagne D'Or Janna

Chantal Rayon d'Soleil and Giny vom Goldenen Sonnenschein - Champagne D'Or foundation bitches

Champagne D'Or Chanel, Int,D,VDH,Lux. Champion; DPK,VDP, Europjg and Bundessieger

Tyrone of White Cliff, multi Champion

Champagne D'Or Evita, VDP-Jugendchampion

Champagne D'Or Charlotte, Int. + Lux. + D + VDH + VDP-Jg.- Champion

Champagne D'Or Carlotta

In 1984 I got my first standard apricot “Chantal Rayon d’Soleil”. She was the foundation bitch for my standards. Chantal was shown very successfully (World Winner 86, European and German Winner, German, Austrian, Intern., Belg., Lux.Ch.,etc.). I had two litters with her. The first litter with 13 puppies was sired by the English male “Going for Gold at Rosehaven”. From this litter I kept “Anny” and “Alain”. Both were very successful in shows (Int.D.Belg.Lux.Schweiz Ch.,Europa,Bundessg. Deut.Öster.etc).

The second litter also with 13 puppies was sired by the American male “Red Express von Shangri-La”. From this litter two puppies went to the Netherlands and one puppy “Yvonne” went to my friend Susanne Baldinger from Switzerland.


In 1991 I got the Danish male “Nesnah`s Sweet Surprise“ called Gordon at the age of 14 month. I was the fourth owner. Gordon brought body in my line and also a fantastic coat. He has more than 200 children all over the world. Gordon died in 2004 at the age of 14 years. He was still fit and active when he was elder.

In 1999 I bought the dark apricot (red) “Golden Akim von Briwehbu”, a son of Gordon and a grandchild from “Yvonne”. Although “Akim” was shown very restrictively and with not so much success because of his color, he is a very successful stud dog. His children live in Germany, Israel, Russia, Austria, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Danemark, Finland, Sweden, USA and Australia.

Joiner's Quality Narra Noora

Puppies from Akim and Nora

Champagne D'Or Vivienne and Champagne D'Or Isy

I wish for the future, that there aren’t made any differences between red and apricot in the standard. The breeding potential is very small and we all want to breed beautiful, healthy poodles with attitude in the future. So we shouldn’t minimize the potential by excluding the dogs only because of the dark shade of their color.



Uschi Graf

Kennel Champagne D’Or




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