Petition for Recognition of Red color in the FCI Poodle Standard

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Farleys D Standards (USA)

Terrence R Farley and Am Ch Farley's D I Am Marcelo

My name is Terence R Farley and I have been breeding red and apricot standard poodles in the United States for the past 16 years.  Although it is a difficult task to breed poodles of this color, that are competitive with black and white poodles, it has not been impossible. In the United States we have only three red standard poodle champions.  I am the breeder of two of the three. 


The gene pool for both apricot and red poodles is very limited and diversity is problematic at best.  I realize that the FCI to date has not recognized  red poodles.  I am appealing to the council that governs such decisions to reconsider this stand.  The introduction and recognition of red poodles would increase the gene pool for apricot and red breeders.  This  will provide a more diverse breeding program for the breeders of apricot poodles.  Diversity will benefit poodles genetic health and longevity of the breed.  The goal of all breeders of pure bred dogs should be to improve the breed to which they have chosen,  one way to improve poodles is to have dogs of excellent quality, conformation and health to select and breed.  Limiting the gene pool is detrimental to the breed and in the long run will create problems that will be difficult if not impossible to overcome. 


Farleys D Shiloh

Farley's D The Code Of Silence (5 months old)

Farley's D Truth Or Dare (5 months old)

Am Ch. Farleys D I am Marcelo

Am Ch. Farleys D Enchanted Magikasl

Farleys D Noche de Bella Luna

Farleys D Recuerdos de Ayer - Best Puppy in Match at the Apricot Red Poodle Club Match PCA 2004

Farleys D Poison Ivy












A good poodle should be an intelligent and elegant dog that has the correct conformation to move proudly.  It should reflect the standard of the breed.  A poodle should be judged on its merits both physical and mental, color should be the last consideration when choosing excellence and therefore color should not hinder a poodle from the show ring or a breeding program.


Again let me petition the council that dictates such decisions to be generous when considering the place of the red poodle with in the FCI.



Terence R Farley
Farleys D Standard


Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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