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Fiery Dance (Russia)


Our names are Polina and Michael Alekseev ,we have been  breeding red and apricot dwarf poodles from 1994. From 2001 our dogs names have the prefix "Fiery Dance". All our dogs, except one, the foundation bitch Heily Lukretsia Milord, are the children, grandchildren,grand-grandchildren of the red dwarf poodle World Champion  Kispas Lancaster Favorit and many of them are line bred to him. We love the shining sunny apricot color, but we also love the red color - the color of fire, warmth, energy and are dreaming about it's recognition in the FCI.



History of Red Dwarf Poodles in Russia

Red poodles appeared in Russia in 1990. In 1989 the present SPK President Julia Nikolaevna Shuko saw at the Leiptsig show a red poodle Pumukl von der Salana. He amazed her with his conformation and color.  Pumukl is the son of Rosaline's Burning Fire, the dog that was born in the American kennel "Rosaline" and that got in a complicated way to a German kennel "Von Der Salana".  In the spring 1990 Julia Nikolaevna reached the agreement for purchasing of the red puppy dwarf bitch Red Radiance von der Salana. Galina Anatolevna Alekseeva became his owner. It was also agreed about the breeding of our several apricot bitches to Rosaline's Burning Fire. In spring 1990 Julia Nikolaevna brought from Germany Mandarin von Engelblick for G.B. Baklushin and Red Revolution von der Salana for P.V. Ivanov.[ Refer to the article Angelika & Dr. Axel Rudolph - "Von der Salana" (Germany) ].  As a result of the breeding of apricot bitch Sharlotta the Olivenskih Gau with Rosaline's Burning Fire Shelton Fortunata (owner T. Tretialova) was born in 1991. He produced a numerous interesting descendants of dwarf and toy poodles.    


The second large group of red poodles has been produced by Balingo of Moonlight, that was brought from Romania, owner Shahova. He forwarded strong skeleton, deep chest, good front, long neck, long muzzle, almond shaped eyes. Milord Zolotoy Lev (owner Tatiana Frolova) is the most famous among his children.  


Together with Balingo of Moonlight N.A. Maslennikova brought from Romania his daughter Vally de Anubis, that became the foundation bitch of the dwarf and toy poodles of the kennel "Shapka Monomaha" . In 1994 Mistel Gardens Barn (Peter) was brought from Sweden. His owner was also Inna Nikolaevna Shahova. He produced many successful children and grandchildren, such as World Champion Justin, Rus. NKP Ch. Chak, Rus. NKP Ch. Manel iz Severnoy Veneciy.  A bit later Red Star Zurbaya Jonny von der Salana was brought, owner Tretiakova.  He is very compact, with excellent front, rear  and very beautiful head.  His daughter Vantra Dalida became the foundation bitch of the kennel "S Izuminkoy Juliany".  

World Rus Bel Fin Ch. Kispas Burt Lancaster Favorit

Rus NKP Ch Buzhan Solnechniy Luch Groshik (breeder and owner Butneva)

Rus NKP Ch Ocharovanie Ustas Yantarniy Malchik (breeder Leskina and Chicheva, owner Vasiljeva)

Rus Ukr NKP 3xCACIB Ch. Fiery Dance Flamenko (breeder Alekseeva, owner Fidorenko)

Rus NKP Ch. Rayskaya Ptitsa Alexandriya (breeder and owner Bakova)

Polina Alekseeva and Rus Ch Carmin Mia Lio (breeder and owner Alekseeva)

Rus Ch Kleopatra Princess Belochka (breeder and owner Alekseeva)


In 1995 Michael Shargorodskiy brought a 4 month puppy Kispas Lancaster Favorit from Sweden. He was shown for the first time at the SPK May show being 9 months old and became Junior BIS.  In the autumn of 1996, just shortly after growing out of junior age, he became twice BIS at all breed shows in Moscow. He was very successfully shown at the second year of his life and produced most of his offspring.  In 1998 World Dog Show in Helsinki Kispas Lancaster Favorit became a World Winner and got 4th place in Group 9.  


Since then (from 1995!) there is standstill in the import of red as well as apricot dwarfs.  But the offspring of red imported males were constantly used in the breeding of apricots. Nowdays many Russian kennels of apricot dwarfs and toys carry the bloodlines of red poodles.  These are the kennels of Champions such as "Bibilott", "Deliss Serpantin", "Buzhan Solnechniy Luch", "Rayskaya Ptitsa", "Ocharovanie", "Stile Rusi ot Kutur", "Diza Fleich", "S Izuminkoy Juliany", "Volzhskaya Serenada", "Fiery Dance", "Oranzhevoe nastroenie", "Iz Vorozhey", "Ellensis", "Jolly Star", "Shapka Monomaha", "Gently Bon" and many others. 


The use of red dogs allowed the breeders to enlarge the limited breeding pool and introduce better qualities in the conformation of apricots. The common populations of red and apricot dwarfs and red and apricot toys appeared in Russia, often intersected. It is difficult to find in our lines apricot dwarf or toy poodle that doesn't have red dogs in the pedigree.  The experience of majority of the breeders show the benefits of combined breeding of red and apricot poodles for the strengthening of the color, both red and apricot. We have now dogs that keep well red color during  their whole life. But the difficulties of showing and receiving titles for red dogs lead to the selection that works against getting a stable red color. Therefore we ask to review the issue of red color recognition to have the conditions for it's development.


Polina Alekseeva

Petition for Recognition of Red Color in the FCI Poodle Standard
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